First 100 % organic fertiliser with extra long-lasting action

DCM is the first in the world to introduce a 100 % organic fertiliser with controlled prolonged action: DCM ECOR® 5 in MINIGRAN® TECHNOLOGY (NPK 8-5-6). Whereas the duration of effectiveness of conventional high-quality organic fertilisers is 50 to 100 days, DCM has developed with DCM ECOR® 5 a fully organic fertiliser that releases its nutrients over a period of 100 to 150 days. No coatings or inhibitors were used: this unique action is thanks to the use of natural plant extracts!

DCM ECOR® 5 can be used in higher doses than conventional fertilisers, without risk of burning or leaching. This makes DCM ECOR® 5 extremely suitable for plants with high nutrient requirements, but which are also sensitive to (overly) high salt concentrations at the start of the cultivation

Additional advantage: thanks to the gradual and prolonged release, DCM ECOR® 5 has proved to reduce leaching losses. As a consequence, the efficiency of the applied units increases and the environmental impact is minimized. In a word, DCM ECOR® 5 is the best choice for sustainable fertilization.

DCM ECO-Xtra® 1

  • improved plant quality
  • steady, compact growth
  • greener leaf colour
  • better root development

Practical trial repotting of chrysanthemum, Belgium

Standard fertilization
DCM ECO-Xtra® 1

Practical trial repotting of lavender, Belgium

Standard fertilization
DCM ECO-Xtra® 1

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