All together to carry out our mission

The awareness of our impact on people and the environment permeates all aspects of our company, not at least human resources! Our personnel policy aims to offer the best possible support to our employees so that they feel comfortable at DCM and can perform optimally. Besides machines and capital, it is our own personnel staff that enables DCM to grow day after day.

We are therefore fully committed to building a strong team, and like to invest in employee training to deepen and broaden their skills. We are on open house for people of all ages, gender, ethnic origin, religion, disability or sexual orientation. What connects us at DCM? Vitality.

HR regularly launches new initiatives that have an added value for the employees. This year, a bike lease plan was launched, which makes it possible to purchase a new (electric) bike, including assistance in a cost-efficient manner. This will allow more employees to make the switch to come to work by bike. This is not only more sustainable, but also healthier!