Microbial soil conditioners

Microbial soil conditioners

A diverse and active soil life is the best guarantee for a well-balanced soil. This guarantees better root development and improved plant growth. Only under optimal conditions will the beneficial micro-organisms be able to fully develop and multiply. Our DCM beneficial micro-organisms and microbial soil conditioners are the solution for stimulating soil life.

With the organic fertilizers in minigran we provide a feeding source for beneficial soil life. Because the proteins need to be digested by this soil life to release the N-P or K for the plants. To add more microbial soil Beneficial’s we can help you with soil improvers added with extra Beneficial’s.

The importance of soil life

  • Diverse and active soil life = best guarantee for better soil balance
  • Less diseases
  • Plant roots grow and develop better

Necessary to continue to pay sufficient attention to the beneficial soil life!

6 Reasons to convince the effect of +BACILLUS sp.

  • Creates ideal soil conditions: both physically and biologically
  • Guarantees a fast colonization of the rhizosphere
  • Releases soil phosphorus and makes it available to plant roots
  • Optimizes the health of plants and roots
  • Produces stronger plants boasting improved growth and quality
  • Scientific research proves added value for many crops

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