Organic fertilisers

Organic fertilisers

DCM fertilisers are meticulously selected from more than 30 different high-quality organic sources. Most of these are raw materials of plant or animal origin which are derived from DCM! Our DCM organo-mineral fertilisers are formulas in which high-quality mineral components are harmoniously integrated. This makes these fertilisers particularly suitable for cold and wet soils or for applications requiring a quicker start.

Each ingredient has its specific NPK content

DCM fertilisers are composed of a meticulous selection of organic and mineral raw materials. DCM offers its clientele an extensive gamut of over 300 different product formulations .The raw materials are selected in such a way to guarantee a mixture of N or P or K.For example we mix a high N material as feather with a high K as sugerbeets to get the right mixture of NPK.(of ander vb)

Each ingredient is a feeding source for soil life

These organic fertilizers  are also a very important deal for the beneficial soil life such as bacteria and fungi. These raw materials are all different carbon sources that will supply a feeding source ,because the soil life will digest these carbon sources and provide the release of the N or P or K.


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