Uniform distribution

Uniform distribution

DCM's unique mini-granule, MINIGRAN®, ensures a uniform and better distribution of the fertiliser or soil improver. Studies have shown that this distribution is 60% more effective, resulting in a better rooting and better plant growth compared to fertilisers in crumble or pellet form. This makes our unique microgranules perfect for special applications: mixing into fine substrates, precision fertilization in agriculture, fertilization of golf courses and football pitches, private lawns, etc.

100% better nutrient distribution

Not only the composition of the fertiliser, but also its form is important. In addition to the traditional fertilisers in pellet- or crumble-form, DCM developed a new production process. Thanks to this process DCM is currently the only manufacturer to produce organic fertilisers in a unique micro-granule with a specific action: the MINIGRAN®. Each MINIGRAN®-granule contains all the elements of the formula concerned.

1 pellet

23 crumble


MINIGRAN® fertiliser

  • Homogeneous composition: each granule contains all the nutrients (NPK) in the same quantity (non- blended)
  • Dimensions between 800 and 2500 microns, of which at least 80 % between 1000 and 2000 microns
  • Density between 560 and 700 g/L
  • Easy dosage
  • In comparison with organic fertilisers in pellet- or crumb-form, these small dimensions ensure an up to 60% more effective distribution
  • Good distribution, for uniform growth and turf/ plants at equal stage of development

Fantastic solution for Special Application


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