Soil improver in MINIGRAN® Technology: boost soil life with DCM VIVISOL®

Professionals know for a long time: plants need an active and varied soil life. When the soil is full of active soil life, they grow better, they are stronger and of better quality. This is exactly what can be achieved with DCM VIVISOL®! This soil improver ensures rich microbial life and optimal soil and plant health.

DCM VIVISOL® MINIGRAN® has a high organic matter content, which promotes the development of a more diverse soil life. It enriches the soil with humus and gives it a crumbly structure.

DCM VIVISOL® soil improver increases soil fertility and improves its ability to retain water and drain excess rainwater more quickly. In addition, the added Bacillus sp. stimulates soil life and improves the availability of the existing nutrients.

The result? Optimal soil and plant health. The plant roots develop better, the plants grow easier and remain healthy.



DCM VIVISOL® is an organic soil improver for professional use, made of vegetal raw materials and containing 60% stable organic matter. Enriched with Bacillus sp. (106 CFU/gram).

Bacillus sp.

When should DCM VIVISOL® be applied?

As a professional, it is important to pay attention to soil structure and microbial life, especially when laying out, sowing and planting. DCM VIVISOL® MINIGRAN® is recommended for:

  • Intensive outdoor cultivation (bulbs, vegetables, …) and fruit growing
  • Beds for seedlings and cuttings in ornamental plant cultivation, tree nurseries and vegetable growing
  • Intensively used sports fields and golf courses
  • Container growing (mixed into potting soil or substrate)
  • Planting in soils with poor soil structure or after having carried out earth-moving activities
  • Disinfected soils or soils with poor soil life
  • Any soil low in organic matter

What does DCM VIVISOL® soil improver do?

  • Improves the soil's physical soil fertility: increases the soil's ability to retain water and drain excess rainwater
  • Improves the soil's biological fertility: stimulates the development of a rich and diverse soil life
  • Ensures rapid colonization of the rhizosphere
  • Bacillus sp. releases phosphorus from the soil and facilitates its uptake by the plant roots
  • Allows better and deeper rooting

The three major advantages of DCM VIVISOL®

A more active soil life

DCM VIVISOL® MINIGRAN® combines quickly degradable and stable organic matter. The graph below shows that one week after applying DCM VIVISOL, the increased activity of soil life is clearly visible. Soil life uses the rapidly degradable organic matter to reproduce, while the stable organic matter increases the humus content of the soil. A few months after application, soil life is still 50% more active compared to the plot without DCM VIVISOL®.

vivisol - activiteit bodemleven
vivisol - activiteit bodemleven

More biodiversity

Each group within the soil ecosystem, such as beneficial bacteria and fungi, has its specific function and prefers certain C sources to feed on. As the following graphic of the incubation trial shows, DCM VIVISOL® soil improver promotes the development of more biodiversity. By adding DCM VIVISOL®, all 31 different C sources (ranging from easily to difficultly degradable) were rapidly degraded and used as an energy source by the soil life. In the object without DCM VIVISOL®, the degradation process proceeds more slowly and not all C sources are degraded, so less energy is released.

Improved nutrient availability

After applying DCM VIVISOL® soil improver, the microorganisms in the soil transform organic matter into nutrients for themselves and for the plants. Humic and fulvic acids are released during these soil processes. The nutrients already present in the soil as well as the nutrients supplied through fertilization (including phosphorus) become more available to the plant roots. Bacillus sp. also plays an active role. The result? Higher fertilization efficiency and better plant growth.


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