3 tips for planting trees

The first year after planting is crucial for trees. Weakened because their roots have been partly cut off, they still have to adapt to the new soil conditions. The nutrient status in their new habitat is often completely different from the one in the tree nursery, where the trees are optimally fed and watered to achieve a marketable trunk diameter as soon as possible.

To ensure a good start, it is therefore important to optimize the growing conditions for the trees. This will allow them to root more easily. DCM has developed various products for this purpose.

Soil improvement before planting

DCM VIVIMUS® a soil improver that has already proven its worth, increases the soil’s humus content. The added beneficial bacteria protect the weakened root system from damage by harmful soil fungi.

2. An organic fertiliser to feed

DCM VIVITREE® is an ideal organic basic fertiliser to work into the soil when planting. It is 100% organic and releases its nutrients slowly. This stimulates soil life and converts the fertiliser into nutrients that can be absorbed by the plant.

The nutrient amounts needed when planting will depend on the diameter of the trunk and the organic matter content of the soil. After planting, it is important to monitor soil moisture. Especially in spring there is a risk of water shortage. This is when the trees form their leaves, which requires a lot of water. However, the roots that can absorb the water deeply enough have not yet been formed by then. Excessive watering is also harmful. When the soil pores are completely filled with water, there is not enough oxygen for the roots, so they die.

3. Liquid organic fertiliser for extra stimulation

To further stimulate growth, DCM has developed DCM PROLICO® TREE. This liquid organic fertiliser can be given simultaneously with water. It has the ideal composition for giving trees an extra boost in the first year. It allows the roots to grow faster and explore the soil in search of water and nutrients. DCM PROLICO® TREE dissolves well in water. You can add about 100-150 cc to the water per tree. When a tree receives 50 litres of water, the dosage is 1:500.

If you have any further questions about planting trees, please feel free to contact one of our advisers.


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