We believe in the power of green efforts for people and nature. Day after day, we raise the bar and look for the best products. We innovate and invest, with the environment and climate as our greatest challenges. Read more here.

Our efforts for people and nature

Searching for the best products, raising the bar higher and higher, innovating and investing, with the environment and climate as our greatest challenges is what drives us.

In concrete terms, this means that we use natural and circular raw materials, that our products are manufactured using green energy, without wasting water and with the lowest possible carbon footprint. Sharing knowledge is our priority, because people and nature are of inestimable value for us.

Sustainable production

Our aim is to leave the smallest carbon footprint possible. We strive to use energy and water consciously and try to reduce or compensate as much as possible the CO2-emissions of our production facilities. That is why we work in an AEN (Almost Energy Neutral) office building and have been certified as a CO2-neutral company.

Circular raw materials

75% of DCM’s raw materials are so-called “circular” raw materials. This means that no new scare raw materials are extracted from the earth, but that we use secondary flows from the food industry, among others. We process these residual products and return them to nature as high-quality fertilisers. Find out more here about the raw materials we use.

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Sustainable innovation

Thanks to our strong commitment to research and technology, we develop effective solutions to meet tomorrow’s challenges. Just think of our 100% organic fertilisers, our peat-free potting soil, our many products suitable for use in organic agriculture, the 100% plant-based products in our VEGAN range and our native wildflower seed mixes. For the professional sector, we focus on sustainable cultivation and plant resilience through natural solutions.

Less and better packaging

Packaging can have a significant impact on the environment, even if it is 100% recyclable, as it is at DCM. That is why we’re always trying to do better, for instance by using less and thinner plastic film. Wherever possible, we even try to do without plastic, as in the case of our grass and flower seed spreading boxes for example, that are made from FSC-certified cardboard.


We join forces

For the professional sector, we share our knowledge and test results with other companies such as suppliers and growers. For amateur gardeners, we have developed a separate mini-website to gather knowledge on how to garden in a green(er) way, with step-by-step plans to make your garden resilient for the future.


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