Give maize plants the best changes with DCM STARTEC®

When sowing maize in spring, the soil is often still cold. Under these conditions the maize, which is a subtropical plant by nature, is often unable to properly absorb the phosphorus already present in the soil. DCM STARTEC® is a starter fertiliser with a high content of easily uptakeable phosphorus (22% P2O5) showing a low risk of fixation. This way the maize plants get the best chances for a good initial growth and root development right from the start. DCM STARTEC® is also a good starter fertiliser for rapeseeds, sunflowers, … 

Standard fertilization
extra DCM STARTEC® (25 kg/ha in the seed row)

Silage maize, Oudenaarde, Belgium, 2014 seedtime = April 2014 – picture = June 2014


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