Less blossom-end rot, better fruit set with Impuls TD®

DCM IMPULS TD® is a biostimulant based on 6 different Trichoderma isolates, a soil fungus that lives in the root environment, on organic material and in collaboration with the plant roots. As a result of this mix of Trichoderma isolates, DCM IMPULS TD® is effective under different (climatic) conditions.

DCM IMPULS TD® stimulates nutrient uptake resulting in better root growth as well as better above-ground plant growth. Applying DCM IMPULS TD® results in an increased plant resistance: the plant is more resistant to all kinds of abiotic stress, including heat. In addition, the application of Trichoderma in the rhizosphere ensures a higher biodiversity and a more active soil life. This Trichoderma mix can also be used for sowing or cuttings, which results in a higher success rate.

DCM IMPULS TD® is interesting if you are looking for a vegetative boost for your crop, for example when the plant is heavily loaded or during the summer months.


Application and dosage


Sowing / planting / cuttings: apply as soon as possible after sowing or planting

Biostimulant: add before a period of stress (heat, heavily loaded plant, ...)


(Inert) substrate: 1000 g/ha (fruit vegetables: 2 applications)

Soil application: 200 - 250 g/ha

1-2 application(s)


Formulation: Wettable Powder (WP)

Can be applied via the drip system (remove filters)




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