Better emergence and more vigorous growth for Carpinus with DCM VIVISOL®

Adding the soil improver DCM VIVISOL® MINIGRAN® helps to obtain a rich and active soil life and ensures optimal health of the seedbed and the young seedlings. The high organic matter content enriches the soil with humus and gives it a crumbly structure, which enhances the emergence of the germinating seeds. DCM VIVISOL® MINIGRAN® also increases soil fertility, and the added Bacillus sp. make the nutrients that are present in the soil (including phosphorus) more readily available. The result? Plant roots develop better, young trees and shrubs grow more easily, which can also be seen above ground.

Trial: DCM VIVISOL® applied when seeding Carpinus in spring

Hornbeams sown in spring (April) showed better emergence, more vigorous growth of the young plants and denser plants after adding the soil improver DCM VIVISOL® MINIGRAN®

Crop: hornbeam (Carpinus betulus)
Dosage: 750 kg/ha
Sowing time: April
Result: July


The addition of DCM VIVISOL® to the soil resulted in

  • better emergence of the seedlings
  • more vigorous growth of the young plants
  • denser plants
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