Bigger apples and higher yield with DCM VIVISOL®

The addition of the soil improver DCM VIVISOL® MINIGRAN® ensures a rich and active soil life and optimal soil health, which is essential when replanting fruit trees (apple trees followed by apple trees, or pear trees followed by pear trees). Its high content of organic matter enriches the soil with humus and ensures a crumbly soil structure, which improves the rooting of young trees. DCM VIVISOL® MINIGRAN® also increases soil fertility and the added bacteria Bacillus sp. improve the availability of the nutrients present (including phosphorus). The result? The plant roots develop better and the young fruit trees grow more easily and produce more and better yields, as replanting tests show.

Trial: DCM VIVISOL® applied when replanting fruit trees

The apple trees that received DCM VIVISOL® MINIGRAN® in the planting hole when they were planted, clearly showed more vegetative force from the first year. Their trunk diameter was larger and the desired tree volume was achieved more quickly. The flowering rate and the number of apples actually picked were higher for the trees that received DCM VIVISOL® MINIGRAN® at the start. More apples were picked, in pieces and in kilos, and the apples were also bigger. The quality of the harvested apples was also better. The fruits were harder, had a better size and better colouring.

Crop: replanting Kanzi apples
Dosage: 25kg/100m² of soil between the rows
Period: 2008-2011
Location: PC fruit, Proeftuin pit- en steenfruit, Sint-Truiden (B)

more apples with a larger size

fruit maat DCM VIVISOL®

9 kg or 37.5% additional apple yield per tree

fruit kg geplukt DCM VIVISOL®


The addition of DCM VIVISOL® MINIGRAN® to the soil resulted in:

  • more vegetative force from the first year
  • a larger trunk diameter
  • achieving the desired tree volume faster
  • higher flowering rate
  • higher number of apples actually picked
  • more apples (9 kg or 37.5% additional apple yield (per tree over 3 successive years))
  • bigger apples
  • better fruit quality: harder fruits, better size and better colouring
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