Higher sugar content and improved asparagus yield with DCM VIVISOL®

Adding the organic soil improver DCM VIVISOL® MINIGRAN® helps to obtain a rich and active soil life. The high content of organic matter enriches the soil with humus and improves its physical and biological fertility. Thanks to the combination with Bacillus sp., this ensures a rich, biodiverse soil life and optimal soil health. DCM VIVISOL® MINIGRAN® also increases soil fertility and the added bacteria Bacillus sp. make the nutrients that are present in the soil (including phosphorus) more readily available. In asparagus cultivation, this results in larger, more vigorous plants and higher production.

The effect of DCM VIVISOL® in asparagus cultivation

By incorporating DCM VIVISOL® MINIGRAN® into the soil when planting, young asparagus plants immediately get a good start. The first year is crucial for an asparagus plant: it needs to develop a large, vigorous root system as quickly as possible. This will allow it to absorb the necessary nutrients and store the sugars accumulated during the winter. Several practical tests have shown that asparagus plants respond particularly well to the addition of DCM VIVISOL® MINIGRAN® to the soil. Plants root deeper and the total amount of root mass increases by 30% and more.

Trial: DCM VIVISOL® applied when planting asparagus

This trial clearly shows that the addition of DCM VIVISOL® when planting asparagus resulted in more vigorous root and foliage development during the first year. Higher sugar levels were measured in the roots, which ultimately led to a higher yield.

Crop: asparagus (Cumulus)
Dosage: 500 kg/ha
Planting time: September
Result: at harvest afterwards
Location: Wittmershaus Spargel, in Penningsehl (Germany)
Trial carried out by: Agravis (Germany)


Root analysis

fruit maat DCM VIVISOL®

Results with DCM Vivisol®: increased sugar content in the roots: + 9.5%


Kilograms harvested (yield)

Object Harvested kg/ha %
Untreated 1 461.50 100%
DCM VIVISOL® 1 702.50 116.49%

Results with DCM VIVISOL®: yield increase: + 16.49%



The addition of DCM VIVISOL® MINIGRAN® when planting asparagus resulted in:

  • Higher sugar levels in the roots
  • Higher production
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