A. Jochems, tree-nurseryman, consciously opts for DCM VIVIFOS®, DCM NK-MIX and DCM VIVISOL®

Satisfied customer:: Boomkwekerij Jochems – Milbou B.V. - www.jochemsmilbou.nl
Crop: forestry and hedge plants. Speciality: beech (Fagus sylvatica)
Location: Zundert (the Netherlands)

Arjan and Brechje Jochems-Milbou grow various species of forest and hedge plants in open field, in the typical sandy soil of Zundert. They also specialize in the production of potted hedge plants, including beech (Fagus), hornbeam (Carpinus) and yew. Furthermore, they are renowned for their production of green beech (Fagus sylvatica). ‘Our customers are at the heart of everything we do. You can always drop by for a coffee.’

Why does Boomkwekerij Jochems choose DCM?

‘We use various DCM products during cultivation. When planting rooted cuttings, we choose DCM VIVIFOS® for better and faster rooting. Long-term crops are regularly fertilized with DCM NK-MIX. We incorporate DCM VIVISOL® MINIGRAN® into the seedbeds to stimulate soil life and to obtain better rooting and seedling development.’

‘Plants often stay in the same plot for more than a year. To produce top-quality plants, it is therefore very important to combine the appropriate soil improver with the most complete fertiliser possible.’

Boomkwekerij Jochems likes using DCM products. Why is that?

“The fact that fertilization can be localized in the row and that it can be carried out with an organo-mineral fertiliser in MINIGRAN®, without phosphate, is a big plus. The result is clearly visible: our plants grow better.’

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