Boomkwekerij De Rutven achieves better rooting with DCM VIVISOL®

Satisfied customer: Boomkwekerijen De Rutven - Leon Domen en Zn. B.V. -
Crop: forest and hedge plants, rootstocks
Location: Wernhout (the Netherlands)

'De Rutven' is a family business in Wernhout, North Brabant, where Arno and Sonja Domen have been growing a wide range of plants in the typical sandy soil of Zundert since 1986. They specialize in pot plants, grafting plants and forest and hedge plants. They also grow starting material for potting, including Taxus baccata, Picea omorika, Fagus sylvatica and Carpinus betulus.

Why does Boomkwekerij De Rutven choose DCM?

‘DCM organic fertilisers have proven their effectiveness in the cultivation of our tree nursery plants. We achieve good results with DCM VIVISOL® MINIGRAN® by incorporating them into the beds before sowing. This allows us to achieve better (lateral) growth and better rooting than if we only apply extra fertiliser after sowing.’

Boomkwekerij De Rutven likes using DCM products. Why is that?

‘From the many practical demos we have carried over the years in collaboration with DCM, we have drawn the right conclusions for the future. DCM fertilisers give the best results. In the cultivation of yew and beech, for example, we have good experiences with DCM NK-MIX. This long-acting fertiliser ensures good growth and a beautiful colour. To maintain the soil pH at the optimum level every year, we use DCM GREEN-LIME® and DCM SEAWEEDLIME GRANULES.’

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